“Dissensions” is a contentious, yet tastefully done exploration touching on human beliefs concerning morality and social norms. It will thrive on psychological shock value (not gross language or physicality). It is a unique, original concept instituting storyline spontaneity through audience participation.

The story will be character-driven, and those characters will be placed in situations that will push viewer reaction to the limit, prompting them to write in with choices they would like to see the characters make as the storyline continues.

Each episode will offer a surprise or plot twist to savor until the next episode is revealed through public input.

In a way, we’re looking forward to being censored and creating a public dialogue on issues considered exceptionable to general discussion. From money vs. love, to bribery, to same-sex relationships, and everything in between….it is a microcosm of the human condition, and YOU create the ‘dissensions.’
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 During the 1950's soldiers for the U.S. and Russian governments were the subjugate victims of remote viewing, mind control and behavior modification experiments.
American soldier Nick Marconi, after surviving decades of abuse and chemical experimentation at the hands of both countries, eventually escapes from the confines of the U.S. government.
Little did they know, they had unwittingly created a man who can heal himself and others, does not age, and has powers such as telekinesis and remote viewing. While on the run, not only does he discover and begin using these powers, he also discovers that he has a child created through artificial insemination with sperm collected from Nick while being held as a test subject by the government. Zack's powers are ten-fold that of Nick's, and after finding out that Zack and his mother are also on the run from Russian and American agents, Nick must find them before they are captured and "disappear" beneath the secret government cloak of experimentation and exploitation.
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 In the quiet Washington D.C. community of Farrington County, young, wealthy, Colombian Diplomat and alleged drug kingpin Alfonso Medina is back on the street after beating a drug distribution rap.
After his father is killed in an attempted drug operation by the frustrated Farrington police, Alfonso grabs the powerful position as head of the Medina family crime organization. Soon he begins to believe that he is invincible, godlike, and that laws, rules and mere mortals can not touch him.
With those delusions of grandeur Medina embarks on a lucrative new venture, the international sale of children for prostitution and pornography. Now he's in the domain of hard-working, hard-playing detectives Erik Kana (writer-director Carlos Roman) and Debbie Cooper (co-executive producer Debbie Harvey).
Kana is a Spanish-Italian, by the gun, chauvinistic, womanizing, widowed and financially independent police detective who is raising his teenage daughter alone. Cooper is an attractive, single, liberated, no-nonsense and by-the-book detective. Thrown together in this case they must juggle complicated personal lives with their commitment to good ol' American justice. Mismatch is an epic that cuts through the political and social strata of Washington to reveal the wheelings and dealings of a system gone sour.
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 The one-hour pilot "Geezers" celebrates family values rediscovered by four retired men from vastly different cultures and backgrounds, who are united in their fear of growing old alone and the identity crises triggered by retirement.
This drama-comedy reveals in flashbacks how the four men meet and end up forming their new "family unit."
Through laughter and tears the four geezers face estrangement issues with their real families, while grappling with aging problems of health, mortality and loss of sexual prowess. Embracing both a homeless, runaway teenager, who has escaped an abusive family situation, and a young neighbor, rich in material possessions but poor in family support and love, this unusual household learns lessons in forgiveness and acceptance that help them start the healing processes in their own lives.
This video emphasizes the need all of us have for love, acceptance and understanding. "Geezers" presents, in a compassionate, humorous depiction, how unrelated individuals from all walks of life can find the support and love of a family in the most unexpected places.
As today's families are increasingly described as "dysfunctional" and are frequently separated by miles and disagreements, this story illustrates that blood relationships are not a necessary ingredient for a loving family.
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 Her client is innocent. Washington, D.C. criminal defense attorney Lori Booker is convinced former police detective Tony Saldana was not a public nuisance and did not resist arrest and assault police officers as currently charged. More than that, Booker plans to prove Saldana was framed for his earlier conviction and imprisonment for accepting bribes. To prove Saldana's innocence, Booker must first gain his trust. What demons plague this formerly well respected martial arts expert who refused to carry a gun during his fifteen years on the police force? What circumstances led to the brutal murder of his partner a murder for which some suspect he is responsible? In order to defend Saldana, Booker must convince him not to give up on himself as well as the legal system he defended for so many years. With the help of her wisecracking gay assistant, Dennis Weston , and her retired father, Judge Frank Booker who can never resist an intriguing case, Booker sets out to prove the prosecutor's office had ulterior motives for wanting Tony Saldana behind bars. Saldana returns to the painful past of his childhood to uncover the reasons for his wrongful conviction, and must confront the ghost of his partner to prove his innocence and regain the respect of his fellow police officers. For Booker, Saldana's fight for justice becomes her quest to uncover corrupt city officials.
 COMING SOON  In the year 2110 a small group of space travelers have left the war-ravaged Earth behind. After transporting themselves through space and time, they approach what they think is Earth....or is it? Soon they will find out a truth they are not ready to confront, a truth that will bond them to change the fate of humanity, a truth that will turn them into "Time Refugees."

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 The Sci-Fi saga continues with the second installment of the tetralogy, Signals. With unexpected twists and turns, these Sci-Fi series includes elements of drama, action and comedy. Learn how the lives of a variety of unrelated characters, CTU, FBI, White House, Secret Service, Police, Prosecutor's Office, Government Medical Research, Organized Crime and plain everyday people, eventually intersect in one way or another. Reminiscent of 24, Criminal Minds, Chase, Law and Order with a little doze of the Andy Griffith Show and Lethal Weapon, the Signals saga will keep you coming back for more.

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 This webisode series is a live competition where local actors in the Northern Virginia/Maryland/DC area compete for $2,500 in cash and prizes. The actor's competition is supported by other competitions for Dancers and Singers, with subcategories for adults and kids. These other contestants compete for other awards and prizes. After an initial decision by three judges as to whether a contestant is good enough to move on to the next round, the rest of the competition is then decided on by YOU, the viewer! Acting contestants must "Act For Their Lives!" during improv situations thrown at them by the judges, while Song and Dance contestants will be challenged to try styles that are 'outside their comfort zones.' On-line votes will be tallied (one vote per IP address) until the top performer in each category wins! In addition to competition prizes, all contestants are also eligible for a prize of FREE HEADSHOTS: By the end of the competition, the contestant who brings in the most audience members during the entire live taping of the series will win free headshots! (Alternate prizes to choose from include a free actor's demo reel or a 'walk on' speaking role in a current Roman Pictures movie production!)
 COMING SOON  A prominent criminal attorney is killed during a trial, by his own client, leaving behind his wife and 13 year old son. His law firm business partner and childhood best friend gets charged and convicted with plotting the killing with the client. Two years later, the wife remarries, unfortunately to an abusive, powerful politician. As her child turns 17, he witnesses another drunken beating of his mother by his step father, he tries to help her, making the stepfather turn on him and proceed to beat him mercilessly as the mother watches in horror. The mother runs to the closet, retrieves a gun and comes back to see the stepfather sitting on top of the kid, hitting his head on the bare floor. She shoots the husband multiple times, killing him. Her son is taken to a trauma center, where he remains in a coma. She gets arrested and charged with murder, by the same prosecutor who witnessed her husband's murder in the courtroom and convicted the law firm partner. Unable to make bail, she's remanded to the city jail, to be given a public defender. The law firm partner, now out on probation and unable to practice law, visits the woman's son. The son awakens at the hospital and realizes his father is sharing his body. The boy convinces his mother of who he is and instructs her to ask the presiding judge at the preliminary hearing, to allow the boy to represent her, with the husband's friend as a consultant. The petition is granted with prejudice. It is understood that if the kid fails to provide proper representation, a public defender will be taking over. A web starts to untangle as the kid shows to court to represent his mother. Not only is he doing a great job at defending her but also at unraveling the mystery of his father's murder. As they approach the closing arguments, the father has been having a hard time remaining for extended periods of time in the boy's body. The boy is forced to complete his own closing arguments, not only to save his mother but to clear his father's friend from killing him and, to bring the real murderer to justice.