How many times have you said, while watching a TV commercial, "I could do so much better than that." Well, now is your chance to prove it and win $500.00 while doing it, and perhaps sell your concept to a third party for profit.

Starting today we are accepting 30-second commercials to compete under the following guidelines for each competition:

- Commercial must represent a REAL product or type of business, but you must CHANGE THE NAME of the product or business. No commercial using the actual, trademarked name of products or businesses will be accepted. (For example, instead of "Coca Cola," call the product "Lola Cola" or something of that nature).

The reason behind this requirement is that the winning AND runners-up will be played permanently on a special section of while we send invitations to national and local companies and products to visit and view. If they desire more information on having the commercial produced for their own brand or business because they love your concept, all your contact info will be displayed along with the commercial you produced.

- Accepted commercials will be judged on concept and originality (60%) and production values (40%)

It's very likely that if a product or business is interested in your commercial concept, they will want a more experienced company to produce it, however, if you submit a commercial with excellent production values, it will be up to you to talk them into letting you produce it. WE don't require or expect a percentage or fee from your concept sale, we just promote the site and lure the potential buyers.

- To submit for the competition, you must send us an email describing the type of commercial you will be submitting. A $35.00 submission fee (per commercial) must be sent via PayPal ONLY, including the submission number we will send you AFTER we receive your initial email. Send Email to

Submissions will be reviewed and an email will be sent confirming whether or not it is accepted. And while most competitions keep your entire submission fee whether you're accepted or not (a practice we do not deem as fair), we will instead issue a refund of $25.00 via PayPal if you are not accepted (this is the submission fee less a $10 processing fee).

- In the event not enough submissions are received or accepted for competition, the full refund of $35 will be sent to you via PayPal.

-Winner's and runner's-up will have free placement of their ad during's 2013 TCM Fest celebrity interviews

A VIMEO, YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK embeding code NOT AVAILABLE to the general public. (If a submission is found to be available to the general public, it will be disqualified).
Or we will send you a DROPBOX invitation for you to send the commercial using the exact same compression guidelines required by VIMEO.


Whether the commercial you appeared in won or not, you may be selected for an AWARD for best performance (on camera and voice over talent). No Fee, just send an email AFTER the commercial is accepted to stating what commercial you were on camera talent or voice over talent.